Our long-term vision for Kinglake Village

Delivering the Kinglake Community a precinct they can be proud of.

The Kinglake community deserves the ability to thrive in their local township. Kinglake Village will provide the ability to do just that. An architecturally-designed community hub, Kinglake Village is the next chapter of the Kinglake story, providing fresh opportunities for premium local dining, artist-friendly atelier studios, commercial space for local businesses to lease and a place where shopping is a joy with well-known retailers. Kinglake Village is positioned to become an iconic destination - a welcome boost to the ongoing sustainability and prosperity of the township, all-the-while providing locals with the amenities needed on a daily basis.

Incredible locations deserve to be shared. With a delicious blend of locally-sourced produce and premium dining aesthetics, Kinglake locals and visitors can choose an experience to suit their taste and mood. Whether it’s a casual cafe atmosphere or something to suit a special occasion, Kinglake Village has all the ingredients you need to relax with friends and family - or impress the ones you love. Kinglake Village will be a sought-after destination for visitors keen to explore a taste of enticing lifestyle delights at their doorstep. Because great dining is about so much more than just food.

A culinary delight for locals and tourists alike

Enjoy premium dining in the heart of the Kinglake region

A retail and hospitality focussed, amenity rich hub

An eclectic mix of well-known retailers and artisan creators of the community

Well-known brands sit side-by-side with the curiosity of authentic artisans. For visitors, it will be a sought-after destination to discover and explore. For locals, Kinglake Village, will be the essential place for their lifestyle essentials, including supermarket, pharmacy, bank, casual & fine-dining and more - plus the artistic touch of inspiring spaces that are designed to be lingered in. This new master-planned development will become so much more than a uniting centrepiece - it will provide everything a healthy community needs, in one convenient location.

Strong communities grow and flourish together. With a mix of loyal locals, weekend travellers and passionate day-trippers visiting this vibrant new precinct, the potential is only limited by your imagination. Commercial and retail spaces within Kinglake Village offer the possibility to create new business or expand existing ones. The proposed shared spaces provide locals with an alterative to travelling to the city or working remotely from home. Don’t miss your chance to secure a prime position in the centre of Kinglake and lay your foundation for a positive future. We’ll provide more information as opportunities arise.

An opportunity to share and create

Work right in the heart of the Kinglake community

Introducing our experienced team


Leasing Agent www.rrealty.com.au
Architects www.genton.com.au
Townplanning Consultant www.sjb.com.au
Engineering & Project Consultant www.specialisedpm.com.au
Marketing and Communication www.duganosullivan.com.au
Landscape Architect
Building Surveyor www.approvalsystems.com.au
Hydraulics and Fire Services www.cjarms.com
Placemaking Consultant www.thespaceagency.com
Traffic Management www.traffixgroup.com.au
Bushfire Management www.foresite.net.au
Land Surveyor www.veris.com.au
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What is Kinglake Village?

Kinglake Village is much more than a shopping centre. From fine dining and cafe venues, spaces of artistic expression and boutique retail, to work & event spaces that inspire and connect - Kinglake Village is a shared, dynamic hub with community at its heart.


Where is Kinglake Village located?

A picturesque town with a bright new future. Kinglake Village is at the centre of iconic Kinglake - close enough to visit as an easy outing, far enough away to help you leave the hustle and bustle far behind you.


Why is Kinglake Village proposed?

Kinglake’s future deserves to be positive. A stunning location, a strong community and the recognition that banding together makes things better than ever is the motivation behind creating a shared space where food, creativity, friendship and business opportunities can flourish.


Who are the team behind Kinglake Village?

It takes a cohesive, experienced team to build a community centrepiece. The passionate team behind Kinglake Village includes developers, architect, landscaping designer, placemaking experts, marketing and communications professionals, fire consultant, traffic consultant, town planning consultants - and many others.


When will Kinglake Village be completed?

Good things take time and planning. With a shared vision for Kinglake to thrive and blossom, our team looks forward to an estimated completion in late 2020. Just in time for the Summer months.


Where can I find more information?

This page will be updated as information and updates happen. For more information please also visit and subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages.